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Non-Peck Bad Boys

The Bad Boy was not conjured out of whole cloth by George W. Peck. During the last third of the nineteenth century there were a number of Bad Boy books published. The "Bad Boy" behavior in these stories ranged from mild to moderate. Peck and Aldrich's books are by far the most well known but the others certainly bear discussion.

Appreciate that the Non Peck / Non Aldrich Bad Boy books are quite scarce.

The books:

Charles Duran, or, The career of a Bad Boy 1850 Carlton and Porter publisher
The Story of a Bad Boy by Thomas Bailey Aldrich 1870
Bad Boy First Reader (first published as That Comic Primer) by Frank Bellew 1877
Bad Boy's Diary by Walter Gray (Metta Victoria Fuller Victor) 1880
Bad Boy Abroad by Walter Gray (Metta Victoria Fuller Victor) 1883
Glick's Bad Boy by E. Vandergrift 1883
Bad Boy at Home by Walter Gray (Metta Victoria Fuller Victor) 1885
Bad Boy's Start in Life by Walter Gray (Metta Victoria Fuller Victor) 1885
Bad Boy and His Sister by Benjamin Broadaxe (John R. Musick) 1887
Bad Boy in the Country by Golden Rod (Metta Victoria Fuller Victor) 1892
Stockwell's Bad Boy by L. A. Stockwell 1900
Tommy Brown, A Bad Boy's Memoirs by Murray Aitken 1908
That Bad Boy T. C. Karns 1915
Peck's Good Boy Mae Wilmurt 1957


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