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Theatre Ephemera

In order to market the play the production companies published various types of advertising ephemera. Playbills and advertising cards are the most frequently found items.

Trade Cards
a. Atkinson Comedy Company (two styles)

The Atkinson Comedy Company was the authorized production company for the Peck's Bad Boy play. It was written by Charles Pidgin and approved by George W. Peck. I have seen two formats of advertising trade cards. These two cards below note the Peck's Bad Boy play taking place at the Wagner Opera House. Both of these cards have the same reverse advertising. I am not sure in what year these cards were used. May 30th was on a Friday in 1884, 1890 and 1902.

The other Atkinson trade cards are much more commonly found. There are a number of cartoon fronts. The ads on the back are not set with any particular front but rather appear to be randomly placed.


These three cards were used to advertise productions at the People's Theatre in St. Louis. One of the cards actually is dated: Feb'y 21, 1886.


b. Geo. W. Heath Manager trade cards

George W. Heath had the rights to the Peck's Bad Boy play in the 1890's. Here are several examples of trade cards used to promote his productions. The ads on the back of the cards were randomly placed on the cards.

I assume that I have not seen all of the cards produced. Here are four that I know exist.


c. Unknown theatrical company
This 4" x 2.5" card advertises a Peck's Bad Boy play at the People's Theatre. No theatrical company is noted.The front cover of the card appears generic and not directly related to Peck.

Unknown productions:
Peck's Bad Boy was produced by numerous small companies during the 20th century. Here is an interesting trade card (5.5 x 3.5). I have no idea about its origin.
(This may be advertising one of the Peck movies.)


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