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The Story of a Bad Boy (Non-Peck)

F. M. Lupton, New York
(For information about this publisher see:

The Chimney Corner Series was published by Lupton between 1893 and 1902. There were a total of 189 titles in wraps.
The first 74 pages of this issue complete the “Bad Boy” story (in double columns). Thereafter there are a number of other shorter tales by a miscellany of authors.
There are no illustrations except for the front cover.

Late 1890’s

The Story of a Bad Boy (Non-Peck)

Houghton, Mifflin and Company 1884
This undated book lists “Mercedes and other Lyrics” in the front ads. This Aldrich book was published in 1884. I have seen Boston and New York on the title page from 1881. Thus this book may have used an earlier title page but was probably published in about 1884.