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Atkinson’s Jollities

Here are two posters advertising an unknown play produced by the Jollities which starred Lillie Bate and Eugene Millard. Both actors were in many plays in the era when Atkinson’s Jollities were most active.
The posters are 27″ x 17″.

The Jollities also put on a play “The Toymakers”. The play was based on the 1907 book of the same name written by Charles Pidgin. Of course, Pidgin and Atkinson collaborated on the Peck’s Bad Boy productions.

It appears that by 1907 Atkinson and James Thatcher were directing the Jollities in The Toymakers and were working together to produce other plays some of which were written by Charles Pidgin (Quincy Adams Sawyer. Blennerhassett), others not (Black Beauty, Miss Petticoats, Hope Hathaway).

Below is a trade bill for The Toymakers. The Venue is the Farman Theatre in Warsaw, New York.

For more information, see Atkinson’s Jollities.

Tattlings of a Retired Politician

1904 Thompson and Thomas format

This book was clearly a financial success. Advanced sales of thirty thousand is very impressive. Here is a sample of their solicitation for the deluxe format of this title.

I do not know if the book pictured here is the “deluxe” book or not.