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Metta Victoria Fuller Victor

Metta Victoria Victor wrote a number of humorous books that are in the same vein as her Bad Boy books.

The Blunders of a Bashful Man, copyrighted in 1881 by Street and Smith, was one of Victor’s most popular books. J. S. Ogilvie Publishing Company came to an agreement with Street and Smith to publish a number of Victor’s books, this book included.

Ogilvie published this title in a number of different formats/series.

This book is No. 18 in Ogilvie’s Joke and Fun Series. This series was published beginning in 1903.

I am not certain in which series this book belonged. This volume includes the story “Adventures of an Old Maid” by Aunt Ruth (copyright 1886).

Three of a Kind

This title was published in 1890 by Belford, Clarke and Company. Two hardcover formats have been seen. Both are 12 mos. One is clothbound whereas the other has a full cover appliqué. A paper bound copy of this title was also published by Belford-Clarke Company in its Household Library.

These books have 319 pages of vignettes by George W. Peck, Bill Nye and M. Quad (Charles B. Lewis). Numerous illustrations are noted. The Peck contributions come from Peck’s Bad Boy and Peck’s Sunshine.

The first 315 pages are identical to American Wit and Humor which was first published by Belford, Clarke and Co. in 1883. (

Full cover appliqué edition