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Third Avenue Family Theatre

April 28, 1902 – Third Avenue Family Theatre

Dixon’s Third Avenue Family Theatre was located in New York City.

Joe Madison along with Fred Wenzel starred in this play in the early 1900’s. Wenzel had been the Groceryman in earlier plays as well. April 28th was a Monday in 1902 and thus is the most likely year for the play advertised below.

There is no mention of authorized producers on the playbill. I suspect that this was an unauthorized production.

For more information, see Playbills.

Atkinson’s Jollities

The Jollities put on “The Electric Doll” in America and Europe. This was written by Clinton G. Parrefield with music by J. Adalim. It appears the play premiered in December 1879. It ran for a number of years thereafter.
Here are two more trade cards for the Jollities.

For more information, see Jollities

Painting Book 1919

Walter McDougall illustrated all seven of the comics shown here. The rarest however of McDougall’s Peck’s Bad Boy items is the “Painting Book”. This book contains the entire contents of two of the smaller comics:

Peck’s Bad Boy and His Country Cousins: Their Balloon Trip to the Country
Peck’s Bad Boy and His Country Cousins: Their Adventures with the Teddy Bears

The Painting Book has the comic from the original comic book opposite the same line drawn picture without colors. It is up to the “artist” to color the picture.

This Painting Book is 12″ x 7.5″ as opposed to the 11″ x 5.5″ dimensions of the smaller comics. In this volume in the back after the Bad Boy comics there are four pages of farm animals to be colored. Their relationship to McDougall or the rest of the book is a mystery.

The painting book was published in 1919 by Stanton and Van Vliet Company and cost 50 cents. There is no evidence that Stanton and Van Vliet ever published the smaller comics but “Their Balloon Trip..” did appear in its entirety in the larger book: Pecks Bad Boy and His Country Cousin Cynthia which Stanton and Van Vliet Company did publish.

No other Peck’s Bad Boy comic painting books are known.