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Story of a Bad Boy

Goldsmith Publishing Company, Chicago (ca. 1930-1940’s)

This title was part of Goldsmith’s Red Star Classics’ Series. Although not precise, I believe this series of reprints was published in the 1930-1940’s era. The text is unabridged. There are eight line drawn illustrations by an artist BT (or TB) I do not know to whom the initials belong. The dust jacket picture is a generic one used by Goldsmith for a number of their juvenile works.

For more information, see Story of a Bad Boy by Thomas Bailey Aldrich.

Atkinson’s Jollities

Charles Atkinson with his Jollities theatre troupes produced plays that are noted below. Their performances overlapped to a degree Atkinson’s Peck Bad Boy productions.

The Jollities put on “The Electric Doll” in America and Europe. This was written by Clinton G. Parrefield with music by J. Adalim. It appears the play premiered in December 1879. It ran for a number of years thereafter.

The Electric Spark was a comic opera written by Charles Pidgin and composed by Charles D. Blake. Atkinson’s Jollities performed it thousands of times in the 1880’s in America and Europe.

For more information, see The Theatre and Jollities

Charles C. Thompson Comic

Charles C. Thompson published this comic book in two formats between 1909 and 1917. Each book has fourteen one sided pages of comics not including the title page. The blue backed book has black lettering on the title page whereas the red backed book has some red lettering on the title page.

The earlier Thompson and Thomas comics have black lettering whereas the later Stanton and Van Vliet have red lettering. It is presumed (but not certain) that the earlier Charles C. Thompson Co. comic is the one with the black lettering on the title page.



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