Loostrom & Komp’s Publishers, Stockholm

Tjufpojkstreck was published by Loostrom & Komp’s Publishers, a Stockholm publisher. It includes Peck’s Bad Boy #1 (217 pages) and Peck’s Bad Boy #2 (246 pages). Number 1 was translated from the English by Erik Thyselius. Number 2 was translated by Fran Engelskan.
Peck’s Bad Boy #1 was copyrighted in 1886 and #2 in 1887. Thus this book was published in 1887 or later. There are no illustrations.
The book is 7.5″ x 5″.

Beijers, Stockholm

Forty Years and Other Tales
?Sorrowful Humors

Here is a 1908 book published by the Swedish Publisher, Beijers.
Although my Swedish is not very impressive, it appears that this book is #66 in a paperback series. It is comprised of vignettes written by George W. Peck and Bill Nye. It has 162 pages and is 8″ x 5.75″.

Based on the advertisements (as shown below) two other Peck authored books are part of this series. #37 “Thief Boy American Humor” and 38. “Thief Boy American Humor”. I suspect, although I am far from certain, these books are Peck’s Bad Boy #1 and #2.

Daniel Sully Advertising

This advertising piece has eight different trade cards attached together on the front with advertising for the Corner Grocery play at the Amesbury Opera House on the reverse. These cards were meant to be attached since the text on the back continues from one card to the next.

It appears that this a complete set of the trade cards(eight) which was produced for this play. This is an incredibly rare item.